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Sanding a Wood Floor   We offer a complete floor sanding service, specialising in the sanding of block, herringbone and parquet floors.

If a solid wood floor is needed and you have existing floorboards under your carpets, then you are half way there already!

A. Preparation for refurbishment:

B. The Day Of The Job:

C. Refurbishment - Before and After:





A. Preparation for refurbishment:

  1. Site visit - following your initial enquiry we come to measure the area, check for loose boards and give advice on the floors condition.
  2. Preparation advice - the room should be clear of furniture and anything that may be affected by dust i.e. soft furnishings/fabrics. Professional modern sanders have effective extraction but some dust is still inevitable. Floor sanding is noisy, we try not to work unsocial hours but you may want to warn the neighbours!
  3. Written quote - the price we give you is an all inclusive price for sanding, staining (if required) and sealing based on the size of the floor. We are extremely competitive within the industry. Existing carpets can be removed at a charge of £25 per room.
  4. Start date - we agree a start date to suit you and our lead times