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The day of the job:
  • We take care of all preparation of the floor i.e. countersinking nails, removing gripper rods, any repair work (at additional charge)
  • Sand the floor using coarse papers to level and clean the surface then medium and fine papers to smooth the surface
  • The next stage any gaps will be filled using a resin and lecol filler
  • We then make sure the floor is as dust free as possible to ensure a smooth finish
  • Application of 1st coat of your chosen finish
  • After drying, the floor is buffed before application of subsequent coats (as discussed prior to commencing work)

Although the floor will usually be dry to touch within 1 to 3 hours, the floor is still curing. After 8 hours the floor is usually ready for light traffic. As a rule, wait 24 hours before moving furniture back into the room and 7 days before laying rugs. Manufacturers recommended times vary between products.

A. Preparation for refurbishment:

B. The Day Of The Job:

C. Refurbishment - Before and After: