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Solid Wood Flooring

Is best fitted by an experienced fitter!

Hardwood flooring can be supplied featuring long lengths, wide boards, narrow boards, random length, block, herringbone, rustic, modern, wavy boards, hand distressed and micro bevelled (for more visible joint to add character)

High Gloss Block Wood Floor A variety of finishes including fumed may be used to create different effects.

Due to the nature of wood, characteristics including grain pattern, knots and colour vary from board to board and within each board.


Traditional Oak Floor If you want a quality European or American Oak floor, providing wider boards, longer lengths and lots of character then look no further.......this is our speciality.

Each floor is individually made to meet your unique requirements. The timber is sourced from sustainable forests and is precision machined to the finest tolerances.

Accessories including, beading, door profiles, ramps etc. are available to perfectly match your floor.

Solid woods come with a guarantee