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Suitability - Is a wooden floor for you?

Good Foundations

  Stability and performance of the finished floor is dependent on the integrity of the sub floor and the levels should be accurate to within 3mm over 3 metres, with no pronounced high or low areas

Our expertise is often essential during the very first stages of the planning and installation of a quality wooden floor.

Wood is a material which absorbs and loses moisture. This means that any changes in moisture content will cause it to expand or contract.



Suitable expansion room should be left around the perimeter to allow the floor to breathe in and out during the seasons. Where the expansion is excessive problems can occur. In cold, damp periods this may require artificial methods such as the use of heaters and dehumidifiers.

Factors to affect wood are the moisture content of the wood, moisture content of the surrounding materials and the relative humidity of the surrounding air. Therefore it is of the greatest importance that the site be weatherproof.

Care should also be taken with new build/renovations and recently plastered rooms.

The room for the new wood floor should be warm and dry i.e. normal living conditions, before, during and after laying solid wood floors.