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Suitability - Is a wooden floor for you?

The average suggested room temperature is 15 - 25°C and the average relative humidity 35% - 45% @ 20°C. Always check the individual manufacturers specifications.

  • Slight seasonal movement is to be expected with wood, so you can expect to see small gaps in winter which close up in summer
  • Ideally wood should be allowed to acclimatise
  • Wood flooring is best fit using the nailing method as it allows the floor to move. However, if the sub floor is concrete a suitable floor adhesive can be used. Concrete slabs must be thoroughly dry prior to fitting a solid wood floor. Electronic moisture meters are available but it is important to treat readings with caution.


  • Wood flooring, including Junckers, can be used with underfloor heating, providing the heating system is designed to accomodate a wood floor, the building is well insulated and the wood is kept within recommended temperatures
  • In conservatories and south facing rooms temperature and humidity are likely to exceed the recommended values for solid wood floors
  • BS 8201 - British Standards code of practice on timber flooring suggests the followng range of average moisture content:
    • unheated rooms 15% - 19%
    • intermittent heating 10% - 14%
    • continuous heating 9% - 11%
    • underfloor heating 6% - 8%

However, there is no hard and fast rule, it will depend on many factors i.e air circulation, geographical location, heating systems, type of wood etc.